Prices for low-energy wooden houses


Low energy consumption

WandS Timber Frame wall systems are manufactured with innovative insulation materials with the capacity of external cladding with stone, wood or plaster board.

WandS offers a wide range of timber frame constructions tailored exclusively to the needs of each client , as well as the unique weather conditions of the building area.


Prices for Timber Frame walls range between:


  • CORE             780 €/m2 - 950€/m2 *
  • ECONOMY  1.100 €/m2 - 1.350€/m2 *
  • PRESTIGE    1.350€/m2 -  1.650 €/m2 *
  • PREMIUM    1.650 €/m2 - 1.850 €/m2 *


Natural & healthy living

What is a Log House?

Log House is a house constructed from massive and glue-laminated log. Our logs homes are constructed with Finnish Forest Pine.

They are 100% ecologically processed, free from toxic substances, ideal for healthy living.

The Finnish Log Houses are ideal for eco-villas, chalets, hotels and resorts at high altitudes, such as mountains and areas which face extreme weather conditions like winds , snow and the blazing sun.

WandS imports from and exclusively represents KONTIO, the leading brand in Finnish Log Homes, with state-of-the-art production facilities and the highest engineering know-how in the world.

Prices for Kontio Log Houses range between:

  • 1500€/m2- 1800€/m2 *


High resistance & dimensional stability

What is CLT ?

Cross Laminated Timber is an innovative wall system ideal from small to large scale building projects.

Suitable for houses and large building structures like public buildings, nurseries and schools,commercial and industrial buildings.

It is constructed with minimal C02 emissions. 

Prices for CLT range between:

  • 1400€/m2 - 1700€/m2 *

*Our prices do not include the Building Permit, the base & the V.A.T. costs.  The above prices are for buildings close to Chalkida or Athens.  For any other area, the transport will be calculated seperattely.


  1. The Building Permit cost which range approximately from  80€ - 120€/m2. For detailed information, see Basic Cost estimate for building permit and related services
  2. The cost of a flat base 40cm usually ranges from 130€- 170€/m2
  3. The 24% in Greece and 0% for inter-Community trade between companies.


WandS designs, plans and makes all necessary measurements to determine the exact materials and amount of work requirements.

In other words, the cost is not determined per square meter of housing but rather from the work and materials determined to carry out the project.