WandS  Supports you with INTEGRATED SERVICES 



WandS provides expert advice, technical support and high quality services in all fields of the construction project which can be:

From the design phase with:

  • Legal Support & Assistance
  • Topography studies
  • Bioclimatic Architectural design
  • Structural studies specializing in wood
  • Energy studies
  • Engineering – Electrical studies
  • Plumbing work studies (water supply and sewage)
  • Detailed cost analysis of the project with lists of materials and technical specifications
  • Precise time schedule planning
  • Consulting Financial Feasibility Studies
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Environmental Studies


until implementation with:

  • Built by experienced craftsmen
  • Construction Guarantee Certificates
  • Project monitoring
  • Quality assurance Control
  • Energy Audits
  • Energy inspection  with Thermal Camera
  • After sales services