Healthy environment


Wood has the ability to "breathe," which means that it can absorb and transfer moisture from the interior to the exterior, and vice-versa. So, in a room with wooden walls, the wood becomes the regulator of humidity and maintains it at a comfortable level to ensure healthy living 

Our priority when constructiong your home involves healthy indoor air, stress-relieving and healing properties, safe antibacterial material, comfortable acoustics and the most ecological house.

Wellness and healthy living are the main objective in every house.

Connection with nature is proven to be important for human wellbeing.  Massive natural wood inside the house is proven to have the same healing and restorative effects as connection with nature.  Stress relief, a lower blood pressure and a lower heart beat rate are the restorative health effects of living in a wood home  that comes from clean forests.

Healthy indoor air is the basis for healthy living

Indoor air quality concerns everyone, as we spend up to 90% of our time indoors. Wood creates a safe and healthy microclimate in a building by efficiently balancing the heat and moisture fluctuation in room air.  Wood has a natural capacity to absorb moisture when air is too humid, and to release moisture when air humidity goes below the optimal level, thus maintaining healthy indoor air quality.  

We ensurs that the indoor air humidity remains within the optimal range for human health (between 30 to 55 % relative humidity) for a much longer period than in normal houses. Outside the optimal humidity range the amount and mobility of dust, viruses and bacteria in indoor air considerably increase, often leading to health problems such as respiratory infections, asthma, allergies, exhaustion and headache.

Comfortable temperature all year round

A WandS house provides comfortable living in all seasons. The house stays cool in summer and agreeably warm in winter.

Naturally antibacterial

A WandS house is a healthy living environment also because of the natural antibacterial properties of wood.  Living in a WandS house might also ease respiratory problems since a solid log surface prevents build-up of dust and other particles. 

Pleasant acoustics create peaceful atmosphere

A WandS House forms an excellent acoustical space with a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Our walls diffuse sound, while maintaining all tones and blending them without an echo or distortion.

Good acoustics of an interior space means both silence and accurate sound reinforcement, depending on the purpose of the space. Good acoustics affect people positively by improving their ability to concentrate and thus learn and work efficiently.

Safe and healthy building material

The building material of a WandS houses is clean, safe and healthy. In terms of emission classification of building materials,  Wooden materials like log do not release hazardous particles or chemical fumes in the air.  The safety of timber houses has also been tested in real life, for centuries.