Low Maintenance

Under proper conditions wood constructions can last for centuries.

The house needs a new interior coat every 25-30 years.How often do you paint your furniture?  Your closet? Your office? Your chairs and other wooden things in your home? Besides, a wood house is not damp, because there is no moisture on the walls, so the pigments which are impregnated in the wood, rather than on the surface, do not peel off or wear away. Consequently, the cost of paints comes to at least half that of conventional homes.A new exterior coat is needed every 4-5 years.Whether it's wood, plaster, sheet metal or even gold that we're painting, all pigments deteriorate with the sun and inclement weather.  Their endurance depends on their quality and correct application. If the substances used are of good quality, and are applied the right way and with the proper tools, they are guaranteed for three to five years by well-known manufacturers. For exterior maintenance, we use and recommend pigment-enriched fungicides. These are usually water-soluble, or nitrate with a very low viscosity to penetrate the wood. We take responsibility for the first coats, which require special care.  From four to five years afterwards, you can use a sponge, a large brush or a spray gun to apply a new coat to the exterior walls by yourself.In other words, skilled workers and painters are not required because impregnated pigments do not present any difficulty in application.  On the contrary, it is the easiest and most economic solution.